Who We Are

We are a privately owned company that has been serving the residents of Florida in wellness, insurance medical testing, and vaccinations for over 20 years.

P3 Medical, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Patty Polley, a lifelong resident of Florida. After working in the nursing industry for several years, she realized an opportunity existed in providing convenient on-site healthcare and vaccination services to organizations in Central Florida. By always going the extra mile and by providing the highest level of personal attention to all of her clients, Patty was able to develop P3 Medical Inc. into the elite on-site wellness company it is today.

P3 Medical has steadily grown over the past two decades and we now have over a thousand satisfied clients in many different types of organizations across the state of Florida. From educational institutions, manufacturers, and law offices to professional athletic associations and country clubs, we can accommodate every organization in need of wellness services. We pride ourselves in providing services that contribute to the health and well-being of our clients, their employees, members, and their families.

What We Do

P3 Medical Inc. is an on-site wellness company that offers vaccinations and wellness services to businesses and community organizations throughout the state of Florida. We travel to businesses, churches, schools, retirement facilities, or any other type of group setting to provide annual vaccinations, health screenings, and many other wellness services that are requested. We specialize in bringing our services to the organization, offering a convenient solution to busy schedules. We work with groups of various sizes and are able to accept insurance as payment for most of our vaccination services. P3 Medical Inc. is the only on-site wellness company that vaccinates children as young as six months of age!

Our Mission

P3 Medical Inc. is committed to providing convenient on-site wellness services to our clients in the most safe, effective, and convenient manner possible, while also educating people on the benefits of our services. Our company mission is to satisfy our customers and meet expectations in all wellness services we provide, while continuously improving upon our products and methods of services.